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Starbucks was a popular American coffee shop chain.

The anarchist Zapata had a "decadent habit" of patronizing Starbucks. After evading capture at the Biltmore Hotel, Zapata waited at a Starbucks on Larchmont Avenue, drinking a caramel machiatto until Kyle Risdow arrived to pick him up. (Chaos Theory)

Palmer campaign worker Elizabeth Nash frequented Starbucks restaurants in Capitol Hill and Dupont Circle. On one morning a month before Day 1, at the Capitol Hill location she spotted Alexis Drazen, who ordered a double espresso and smiled at her. "Coincidentally," they met that night at Bar La Chat in Georgetown, and went on their first date. (Findings at CTU)

When Teddy Hanlin was providing backup for Jack Bauer, he sarcastically suggested that the two of them meet up at a Starbucks to discuss what happened to Seth Campbell, Hanlin's old partner that Jack busted for taking bribes. ("5:00pm-6:00pm")

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