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Stephen Merchant (born November 24, 1974; age 49) is an English writer, director, comedian, and actor. He played an unnamed CTU worker during Season 6 of 24.

Biography and career[]

Stephen Merchant was born in Bristol, England to a nurse and an insurance representative. He attended Hanham High School, and then the University of Warwick, from where he graduated. He was a film reviewer on the student radio station, Radio Warwick, where he began his broadcasting career.

Merchant is the writer/director responsible, along with partner Ricky Gervais, for the smash hit BBC series The Office, which spawned a highly popular US version for network channel NBC. Merchant and Gervais shared writer/director duties for the HBO/BBC co-production Extras.

Role on 24[]

Merchant played the role of an unnamed CTU worker during Season 6 of 24. He appeared in the season premiere "6:00am-7:00am." Merchant was only on-screen for a couple of seconds, as Nadia Yassir handed him a document - whilst Chloe O'Brian said the line "Put an assault on who? ".

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