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Stephen Wesley was the husband of Kim Bauer during Day 7 and Day 8, and the father of their daughter Teri, and a son who was born between Days 8 and 9. He was a physician in his residency at a hospital in Los Angeles.

Day 7[]

Stephen talking with Kim

At around 2:30am, Kim called Stephen and told him she was returning to LA. When he asked her how the reunion with her father went, Kim told him her father was dying from exposure to a biological agent, but that there was nothing that could be done. He told her he was sorry about that. Stephen then asked her if she told him about Teri, their baby, but she told him she could not bring herself to tell Jack that he was a grandfather.

When Kim was waiting to board her plane, she called Stephen again who was awake because Teri wasn't sleeping. He again recommended that she stay with her father before he died. Before Kim's phone died, Stephen said that he had another hospital coworker cover his rounds so that he and Teri could greet her upon her return to Los Angeles.

Day 8[]

Stephen was heading back home to Los Angeles with Kim and their daughter on Day 8. They asked Jack to move there to join them, but he had not given them a definitive answer. Stephen offered to talk to Jack for Kim, but she said that it was alright and she would wait and see his response. When Jack agreed to go, Kim happily told Stephen. However, he was unable to make the flight out with them as he was helping CTU. Stephen had to tell Teri, who was upset that her grandfather would not be joining them immediately.

After Day 8[]

Sometime after Day 8 but before Day 9, Stephen's wife, Kim, gave birth to their second child-- a son.

Background information and notes[]

  • Stephen's surname (the same name as the actor) was revealed in the novel 24: Deadline by James Swallow.
  • Stephen's occupation sounds to be quite similar to that of one Kim's past boyfriends, Barry Landes.

Live appearances[]