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==Background information and notes==
==Background information and notes==
* In initial press releases, the character was known as '''"Steve Harris."'''
* In initial press releases, the character was known as '''"Steve Harris."'''
* The [[alias]] written on Steve's passport and travel documents as provided to him by [[Adrian Cross]] was Paul Roberts.

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Steve Navarro was the station chief of the CIA's station in West London, England during Day 9. His staff included Mariana, Kate Morgan, Jordan Reed and Erik Ritter.

Before Day 9

Steve Navarro was married sometime before Day 9. He worked as a CIA case officer, and was the handler of operative James Harman in 2011.

Navarro secretly sold classified intelligence to China, and framed his friend Adam Morgan for these crimes. He preserved his cover by feigning shock and surprise when Adam was arrested, and he did nothing while Adam's innocent wife, Kate Morgan, was interrogated.

Four years after Day 8, following the discovery of actionable intelligence purportedly from agents in Prague regarding the presence of fugitive Jack Bauer in London, the CIA authorized Navarro to lead the operation to capture and detain Bauer. The highly-classified mission order was leaked and posted online by the hacker group Open Cell. (

Day 9

Navarro interrogated Jack briefly after he was captured. When he breaks out, Navarro continues to work the case and try to track him and temporarily reinstates Kate.

In 4:00pm-5:00pm, Navarro accepted a phone call revealing he had framed Adam Morgan as a traitor in an effort to cover up his own illegal activities.

Jordan Reed, a CIA intelligence analyst began digging into data files about Adam Morgan. Navarro called his co-conspirator, Open Cell founder Adrian Cross, and warned him of the intrusion. Navarro sent Reed on a bogus mission to find a boat, where Reed was shot in the shoulder by a hitman, but survived. After Reed told Navarro to send someone to pick him up because someone was trying to kill him, Navarro told the hitman where Reed was located. This plan managed to succeed, as although Reed managed to shoot the hitman to death, he died shortly after from a stab wound to the chest.

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Navarro with Jordan Reed

Navarro's deception was discovered when Reed's body, along with the hitman's, was found at the shop of one of Kate's sources. Navarro contacted Cross, saying he needed to get out. Cross asked for the drone override device that was recovered from the attack on the Al-Harazi hideout. Erik and Kate couldn't find a fingerprint match on the assassin, so Jack called in a favor from an old friend in the CIA. Navarro, knowing this will lead back to him, subdued the analyst sent to look at the override device and took it out of the building. Shortly after, Jack's friend called back, informing him that the hitman was a deep-cover CIA operative until recently, and one of his handlers had been Steve Navarro. Navarro evaded Jack's inevitable pursuit and contacted Cross, informing him he has it, but asking questions as to why Cross needs it. Cross simply asked him if he wants to leave the country.

Background information and notes

  • In initial press releases, the character was known as "Steve Harris."
  • The alias written on Steve's passport and travel documents as provided to him by Adrian Cross was Paul Roberts.

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