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Steve Simmons was one of the terrorists of Habib Marwan who helped steal the nuclear football after the crash landing of Air Force One.

Simmons arrived at the wreckage site of Air Force One with Marwan, Abdul Mahnesh, and another terrorist, and scanned the area for cell phone signals. He located the Jason and Kelly Girard, two campers who found the football, and the four terrorists tracked them down to an industrial structure. Marwan, Simmons, and the other man stalked the Girards, while Abdul tried to kill Agent Jack Bauer outside. When Kelly Girard was lured out, she told Simmons where the briefcase was and gave him the code to open it. He verified that the nuclear football was inside. Jack eventually killed Abdul and the other man, and pursued Marwan and Simmons outside.

Simmons took the football in his own Jeep and drove off, but Jack called in his CTU chopper pilot who blinded Simmons with his lights, causing him to flip his Jeep. Simmons recovered from the crash and tried to shoot Bauer, but Jack shot him instead. Marwan then succeeded in escaping with some documents from the football, as Simmons had merely drove off to distract Jack. ("Day 4: 11:00pm-12:00am")

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Marwan's contacts

  • This character is not named in his episode, however the Fox press release gave his name as "Simmons". In the early minutes of "4:00am-5:00am," the first name of Simmons, Steve, and his phone number, (310) 555-7785, were seen while Edgar Stiles and Chloe O'Brian examined Marwan's personal list of contacts. This was later confirmed as the character's name on Jack's list of kills in 24: Live Another Day.
  • Steve Simmons was an old classmate of Matt Michnovetz from Agawam Senior High School.

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