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Steven Grant was the Chief of Security at CTU National Headquarters during Day 10.

Biography Edit

Before Day 10 Edit

Despite being married, sometime before Day 10, Grant started an affair with Jennifer Marshall, an employee at Teradyne. He told Jennifer that he would divorce his wife after his son Kyle graduated from college.

Day 10 Edit

On Day 10, his mistress was taken hostage and tied to a bomb by Asim Naseri who threatened to kill her if Steven didn't comply with his plan to break Jadalla Bin-Khalid out. Grant capitulated and helped release Jadalla. Despite his girlfriend being narrowly freed by Eric Carter, Grant's betrayal was discovered too late; he was shot and killed by Naseri's team who then retrieved Jad and fled.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It is unclear whether his name is spelled "Steven" or "Stephen". Dan Bucatinsky referred to him as "Steven" in social media, while subtitles on streaming services like Hulu used "Stephen".

Live appearances Edit

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