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Steven Kinsey was a Department of Defense agent killed during Conspiracy. He was one of four DoD agents who were part of Operation Blind Justice.


Martin Kail found a secure file on James Sutton's desk that had the names of four DoD agent, one of which had already been killed. There also was Chris Jarvis, Kenneth Proctor, and Steven Kinsey. Soon after, Sutton told Martin that Proctor and Kinsey were killed, seemingly confirming his suspicions that Sutton was the mole at CTU. However, Sutton had been framed by the true mole, the analyst Kelly.

Background information and notes[]

  • The character's name is pronounced Kinsey by Kail and Sutton, but on the Blind Justice computer file it is written as Kinsley.
  • Steven Kinsley was an old classmate of Matt Michnovetz from Agawam Senior High School.