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Sticks was a member of the Night Rangers biker gang who was noted for having dreadlocks.

Sticks was approached inside The Crankcase by Chase Edmunds and Jack Bauer, both of whom were looking for Rydell. After a brief confrontation with the two, Sammy appeared and agreed to have a sit-down in his office with both men while Sticks waited outside and called Rydell to inform him of the situation. Sticks was ordered to gather more information on the men, and after they left Sammy's office, Sticks quickly took several photos of the men with his phone. Sensing Sammy was in trouble, Sticks told Fang to go check on him, and both bikers were shocked to see that his office was on fire.

Sticks and Fang escaped the Crankcase before it burned down, but several other bikers didn't. Panicked, Sticks called Rydell again and told him that Brodur and Sammy were presumed dead, and that the strip club had burned down. He quickly sent the photos of Chase and Jack to Rydell, and Sticks and the rest of the bikers were ordered to hunt them down. After Chase and dozens of civilians were captured, Sticks was one of the bikers assigned to guard them in a mega-mart. Shortly after Chase was killed and Rydell threatened to kill Laurel Tenn if Jack didn't arrive at the mega-mart, Sticks noticed that the Ford Contour Agent Hadley and his team were using was speeding towards the mart. Rydell realized it was a trap, but not before any of the other bikers could shield their eyes from a flashbang. Jack stormed the mega-mart and gunned down several bikers, including Sticks. (Deadline)

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