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Jack Bauer raids a cargo ship after getting a tip.


The following takes place between 6:00am and 7:00am.

Jack Bauer and a CTU team are preparing to storm a ship at Los Angeles Harbor believed to be containing a Ricin bomb and illegal weapons. One of the agents accidentally triggers a hidden sensor and alerts the terrorists. Jack and his team board the ship and head into it to stop the terrorists leaking the ricin into the water supplies. One of the members on his team is CTU Agent Hunter.


The team works their way through the ship, taking out many terrorists along the way.


Hunter asks where the Ricin will be stored. Jack suggests in one of the forward cargo holds. The team continues, through sleeping quarters and a boiler room. They reach the other side and get closer to the ricin bomb. However, several cargo holders collapse and block a path, Jack and his team are forced to climb up some others and physically assault the hostiles to get past. They reach a door and have to blast through it with a contained charge of explosives.

When they get further into the ship, the team discovers several dead bodies and realize that it must have been the ship's original crew, killed when the terrorists took the ship. CTU inform Jack that they are sending a Bomb Disposal team in after them. Soon Jack finds the Ricin Bomb.


Mission targets[]

  • Enemies Killed: 25
  • Head Shots: 5
  • Accuracy: 75%
  • Enemies Restrained: 2

Background information and notes[]

  • Storming The Cargo Ship, from the Original Game Score opens this mission.
  • Jack Bauer identifies himself as the leader of Beta team.
  • One of the hostiles in the first room within the ship surrenders himself. If a player restrains a surrendered enemy they get bonus points.
  • There is a health pack in the second room in the submarine on the counter immediately opposite the door the player enters through.


  • Jack's primary weapon in this mission is the M5K Deutsche.
  • The first terrorists that are taken down have Tag-17 Pistols.
  • Terrorists in the room room within the ship have Hauser Model 10.
  • Continuing through the sub, the player will come across a sleeping quarters. Inside is a Gray MK5 Shotgun. Body armour is also found within this room.
  • In the boiler room, a terrorist has an M-16 that Jack can take when the hostile is taken down.