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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Stovich was the Head of Security at the Russian consulate during the events of Day 6.

Day 6[]

During Day 6, Former President Charles Logan came to visit with Consul Anatoly Markov. Shortly after Logan left the consulate, the power went out. Stovich and Vasili, an FSB agent, went to investigate the power outage. The power went back on within a minute, but they noticed that Markov's alarm was tripped for a few seconds.

Vasili and Stovich learned that a man named Jack Bauer was holding Markov hostage, and he would kill the consul if anybody tried to apprehend him. From security footage, Stovich and Vasili realized that Markov was being tortured. When Jack grabbed his phone and began to walk towards the door, they made their moved and set off an explosive. They brought Bauer into custody and Markov instructed for Bauer to not talk to anyone.

Stovich kept Bauer under watch and when Bauer tried to talk to him, Stovich attempted to ignore him. Stovich knew that Markov was working with Dmitri Gredenko, who was involved in a nuclear explosion that occurred in Valencia earlier in the day. Jack was able to convince Stovich to call CTU with Gredenko's location. Stovich left the room to contact CTU Los Angeles. He asked to speak with Bill Buchanan, but Vasili shot him in the back of the head and hung up the phone.

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