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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Stuart Pressman was the brother of Milo Pressman, who was the Internet Protocol Manager of CTU Los Angeles. During the events of Day 6, Milo was killed and Stuart went to CTU to pick up his brother's belongings and his body.

Day 6[]

At approximately 2:45am, Milo Pressman was shot and killed by Zhou Yong, who took control of CTU Los Angeles with a group of Chinese mercenaries. Stuart arrived at CTU after 4am, in order to pick up Milo's belongings and claim his body. Chloe O'Brian, who had a brief fling with Milo in the past, comforted Stuart when he arrived, and Stuart was then introduced to Morris O'Brian, Chloe's ex-husband. Stuart was escorted down the hall by security, in order to pick up Milo's things.

Nadia Yassir, the Interim Director of CTU, introduced herself to Stuart. He told Nadia that he knew who she was, as Milo mentioned her to him often. When Stuart asked how his brother died, Nadia told him that Milo died to save her life. Milo had stepped up and identified himself as the director of CTU, instead of Nadia, and it cost him his life. Nadia noted that he was brave, but Stuart insisted that his brother was far from brave. He revealed to Nadia that his sacrifice for her was a last act of love. Nadia then excused herself, as an important situation presented itself. When Nadia looked back in the room, Stuart was nowhere to be seen.

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