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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Su Ming was the Chinese deputy consul during Day 4. He replaced Koo Yin after he was killed during the assault on the Chinese consulate.

Day 4[]

Su was with Lee Jong when Jack Bauer raided the consulate. Jack knocked out Su and took Lee away by force. At 2:40am, Su then contacted David Palmer to question him about whether his call to release Lee and the attack on the consulate were related. After Palmer denied this, Su told Palmer that he would be hearing from him again soon.

Being the acting Chinese Consul, he ordered an investigation into who was responsible for the death of Koo Yin and the abduction of Lee Jong at the consulate. Su's agent Cheng Zhi and a consulate analyst Jin determined that one of the ambushers was Howard Bern. Cheng had Bern kidnapped; he broke and confessed that Jack Bauer was in charge of the invasion. Later, Su called President Charles Logan and informed him that Bern had released information about Bauer, and even played a tape of Bern confessing. This caused Walt Cummings to believe that if Bauer confessed any information that the government was complicit, it would lead to total embarrassment. A Secret Service agent, Dale Spalding, was then sent to kill Bauer.

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