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The Supremo cell was an undercover Cuban spy network working in the United States (specifically in New Orleans) under the orders of Hector Beltran. In the United States they worked under the cover of the Supremo Hat Company.

They were tasked with killing Colonel Paz; a mission they did not complete successfully. Later, Beltran ordered them to kidnap Raoul Garros and force his wealthy fiancée, Susan Keehan, to give them $1 million for his return. Felix Monatero, the head of the Supremo cell, discovered that the orders were not coming from the Cuban government and Beltran was working alone. However, before he could cancel the attack on Garros, Paz attacked the cell in retaliation. Just before Monatero died, he told Paz that Beltran was acting alone and not under the orders of Cuba. He told Paz the location of the trade for Garros and said to take out Beltran and save Garros.

Beltran killed the remaining members of the Supremo cell (who actually did the exchange) with a bomb in their van, but before he could take the money for himself Paz found him and killed him.

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