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Susan Walker was a field agent at CTU Washington. Two months before the events of Conspiracy, Susan Walker disappeared. She had previously been romantically involved with Martin Kail.


Susan appeared to go rogue, killing DOD agent Donald Frick. She called CTU Washington to tell them not to go after her. However James Sutton had the call traced and located her at an industrial park just outside of Bethesda, where he sent Martin Kail.

Kail discovered that killing Frick was an effort by Susan to find a mole in CTU Washington. They tracked the mole activity to Sutton's desktop, confirming him to be the mole. However, he as shot by analyst Kelly, the real mole, before Susan or Martin could stop her. Whilst trying to upload files to complete her plan, Kelly was stormed by Martin and Susan. Susan was shot in the shoulder by Kelly, but was successful in stopping her from transferring secrets to Navi Araz. However, Martin was shot in the stomach and collapsed in her arms.

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