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Before working together at CTU, Nina (CTU) and Jack (CIA) met and collaborated during the Sweetzer Avenue case.

The Sweetzer Avenue case was an investigation by the CIA and the newly established Counter Terrorist Unit into the theft of some plastic explosives by Abu Mousa, Omar Abu Risha and Sabah Fakhir, and the discovery of what they were going to be used for.



Nina Myers of the newly constructed CTU searched for any information that she could find on some terrorists and followed strands outwards to every name she could find. She was not expecting to find anything, but discovered that Abu Mousa's brother, who went to a New Jersey mosque, had changed his name without anyone noticing. They tracked Mousa to a house in Los Angeles located on Sweetzer Avenue and found the plastic explosives. Also living in the house was Omar Abu Risha and Sabah Fakhir.


CIA operative Jack Bauer learned of a threat coming within 24 hours, but before being able to find out any more information his informant was killed in a bomb that destroyed an apartment and nearly killed Bauer.

He was brought in to CTU and met with Nina Myers, who allowed him entry to Mousa, who he interrogated. Mousa claimed that he did not know they were explosives, and had been asked to look after them by a friend. When Bauer began to get violent, he was pulled out of the room by Ryan Chappelle.


Jack was contacted by Harry Driscoll, an old friend who worked in the LAPD Robbery-Homocide department. He informed Jack that he had a lead and agreed to take Jack to it. They met with former movie star Mark Gelson, who led them to the supplier of the plastic explosives, Dog Smithies. Jack inferred that whoever sold the explosives to Mousa likely also supplied Smithies, and they could track it back to the source if they found the trail. Smithies led them to Andre Farrigan, the true supplier of the plastic explosives. Jack posed as a potential buyer and attracted Farrigan's interests. However, Farrigan led them nowhere and Jack received information from Don Biehn that Abdul al-Hassan was involved. From Hassan, Jack managed to track the attack to the Unity Conference being held by Pope John Paul II, where three C-4 ridden suicide bombers were going to try to kill the Pope. Jack managed to stop the attack and save the Pope, as well as recover the missing C-4.

Background information and notesEdit

  • The case is named after the street that Mousa and his housemates lived on.
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