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Day 0 was the first set of cards released for the 24 Trading Card Game. They were available in the Basic Training starter sets and the Day 0 Tactical Packs. Both were released on August 15, 2007.

Basic Training[]

These were two-person learn-to-play sets. Each package included a set of game rules, two playmats and fifty-two cards. Two exclusive Promo cards were included:

Day 0 Tactical Packs[]

These were pre-constructed decks of cards, consisting of twenty-six cards total; one directive card, twenty-four common cards and one elite card. Four foil cards total appeared in each deck, including the elite. Rules were also included inside each package. Six different themed packs were available, each featuring a different character:

Base cards[]

120 total cards were released as part of the "Day 0" set, including 96 base cards and 24 elite cards. All base cards had the same common rarity.



Jack Bauer: Protective Father

1. Adam Kaufman, Watchful Eye
2. Bill Buchanan, Director of Operations
3. Brian Jacobs, Palmer's Counsel
4. Chase Edmunds, Jack's Partner
5. Chloe O'Brian, The Best
6. Chloe O'Brian, Trusted Friend
7. Curtis Manning, Unforgiving
8. David Palmer, Man of Integrity
9. D.J. Graves, Forensics Expert
10. Hamri Al-Assad, So-Called Traitor
11. Jack Bauer, Back in Action
12. Jack Bauer, Loyal to the President
13. Jack Bauer, Protective Father
14. James Prescott, Hawk
15. Kim Bauer, Like Her Father
16. Lynne Kresge, Crisis Management
17. Mike Novick, Chief of Staff
18. Nicole Duncan, Head of Health Services
19. Mark DeSalvo, Warden
20. Quick Response Team, Elite Agents
21. Ryan Chappelle, Division Representative
22. Ted Simmons, Loyal Interrogator
23. Abu Fayed, Unwitting Pawn
24. Ahmed Amar, Young and Dedicated
25. Alexis Drazen, Hard at Work
26. Charles Logan, President of the United States
27. Christopher Henderson, Jack's Mentor
28. Conrad Haas, Hired Gun (incorrect photo)
29. Dan Mounts, High-School Dropout
30. Graem Bauer, Behind It All
31. Greg Penticoff, Double Murderer
32. Hasan Numair, Bomb Specialist
33. Ira Gaines, Mercenary
34. Jamey Farrell, Easy Prey
35. Kevin Carroll, Alan York

Mike Novick: Pragmatist

36. Martha Logan, First Lady
37. Masheer Abu-Marzuq, Handler
38. Mike Novick, Pragmatist
39. Nasir Trabelsi, Aggressive Terrorist
40. Nina Myers, Ruthless
41. Phillip Bauer, Founder of BXJ
42. Ray Wallace, Under Duress
43. Rick Allen, In Over His Head
44. Robert Joseph, Consultant for BXJ
45. Sabir Hussain, Lieutenant
46. Walt Cummings, Chief of Staff


47. 9mm Parabellum
48. Accurized USP
49. AK-47
50. Big Picture
51. Cell Trace
52. Executive Order
53. Explosive Vest
54. Jack's PDA
55. Kevlar Vest
56. Laptop
57. Presidential Limo
58. Restricted Access
59. Scrambled Line
60. Suppressed Pistol


61. Arm the Nuke
62. Coup de Main
63. Disarm the Bomb
64. Important Assignment
65. Infiltrate CTU
66. Inside Man
67. Misinformation
68. Open Up a Socket
69. Political Assassination
70. Questioning
71. WMD


72. Adept Work
73. Backstabbing
74. Data Uplink
75. Decryption
76. Dedicated to the Cause
77. Epinephrine Shot
78. Fearless
79. For the Good of the Country
80. Getting Personal
81. Interrogation
82. It Was a Suicide
83. Layers of Deceit
84. Off the Books
85. Shot in the Back
86. Suicide Bombing
87. Unofficial Business
88. Veto
89. Weight of Duty
90. Well Trained


91. Clean Administration
92. Find the Nuke
93. Going Rogue
94. Chaos for Pay
95. Sentox Conspiracy
96. Wave of Terror

Elite cards[]


Events Occur in Real Time

1. 25th Amendment (Agenda)
2. Avenge Valencia (Directive)
3. Countermeasures (Event)
4. Curtis Manning, Playing Possum (Character)
5. David Palmer, Maryland Senator (Character)
6. Dmitri Gredenko, Ultranationalist (Character)
7. Downloading (Event)
8. Events Occur in Real Time (Event)
9. Flag Lapel Pin (Equipment)
10. Habib Marwan, Master Terrorist (Character)
11. Head Shot (Event)
12. Jack Bauer, Elite Agent (Character)
13. Lynn McGill, Bureaucrat (Character)
14. M-4 Carbine (Equipment)
15. Mandy, Sexy Assassin (Character)
16. Nadia Yassir, Well Informed (Character)
17. Nina Myers, Professional (Character)
18. Profiling (Agenda)
19. Savagery to Match Their Numbers (Event)
20. Sherry Palmer, Out for Number One (Character)
21. Tony Almeida, CTU Director (Character)
22. Unprepared (Event)
23. Victor Drazen, Mad With Vengeance (Character)
24. Wireless PDA (Equipment)

Background information and notes[]

Conrad Haas Trading Card

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