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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Taj was a member of Abu Fayed's terrorist cell during Day 6.

Day 6[]

Taj was present with Fayed and some other sub-cell terrorists in the apartment at 4332 Florence Avenue. There, Rita Brady brought her hostage Morris O'Brian to them in return for $7 million. Taj took Rita's pistol and frisked her. Fayed then had Morris tortured to force him to arm the second of five suitcase nukes. Before Morris complied, CTU agents discovered the address and set off the fire alarm for the whole building. Looking out a window, Taj informed Fayed that the building was emptying out; the terrorists knew they had very limited time. Morris gave in to the torture and armed the second bomb. Fayed then ordered for Morris to be killed, and when Morris stood up to plea for his life, Taj knocked him down and took aim. CTU then executed a raid directed by Jack Bauer and Hal Turner, and the explosives used to batter down a wall knocked Taj over in a ball of flames and debris. During the shootout, Taj appeared from behind a couch and opened fire with a pistol, but was quickly cut down by gunfire from the CTU SWAT team.

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