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Jack Bauer kills the snipers, saving Vice President James Prescott.


Jack has to eliminate all the snipers, as well as identify the civilians without shooting them. He successfully manages to take out all the snipers before Jim Prescott arrives. The Vice President's limo drives past, its route uninterrupted.

Suddenly, a grey van drives down the road at high speed and slams into the Vice-President's limo before men get out and try to shoot the Secret Service guards. The men are all killed by Jack, as are more snipers that have positioned themselves in windows overlooking the Vice President. While he is on the ground, Jack sees Daniels escaping. He ignores the hostile, focusing on recovering Vice President Prescott. Running towards the site of the collision, Jack calls CTU, and Tony Almeida picks up. Jack instructs him to send a medical team to his location for the VP. Tony says that they will be there in a couple of minutes, but Jack says they might be dead by then. Jack sees the Vice President stumbling around near the limo. Jack yells at him to get back, but before he can say more there is a huge explosion, knocking Prescott to the floor. Jack runs over to him and tries to coerce him into consciousness. Prescott responds, and Jack tells him that he will get him to a hospital as quickly as he can.

Michelle Dessler receives a call informing her that someone has arrived to begin work as an intern at CTU. Michelle tells Tony that in the hassle of the day's events, she had forgotten. Tony says that there is too much that is going on today to take on an intern, but Michelle tells him that it is Kim Bauer, Jack's daughter. She approaches the two, and Tony tells her that it is not the best day to start. Before she can react Sean Walker approaches her and gives her tasks, unaware that Tony was about to send her home. The two walk away as Tony watches.

At the site of the explosion police teams swarm the area. Barriers are set up to stop passing traffic and the Vice President is carted off to hospital. Jack Bauer watches as the ambulance leaves, and sees Robert Daniels escaping in a car.

Meanwhile, Chase Edmunds is on a flight to Los Angeles. The flight attendant says that they will arrive in approximately five hours.

09:59:57... 09:59:58... 09:59:59... 10:00:00

Mission targets[]

  • Accuracy: 90%
  • Headshots: 5
  • Enemies killed: 11
  • Civilians killed: 0
  • Time: 02:40

Memorable quotes[]

  • Sean Walker: Kim Bauer? Sean Walker. Pleased to meet you. Come on, I've got some work for you in the tech room.