Wiki 24

Jack Bauer boards Max's yacht to rescue Kate.


Jack begins to walk away from the site of shooting Madsen's boat when he is shot at. He rolls out of the way and shoots his attackers, but realizes he is out of ammo. Suddenly a chopper approaches and shoots all the attackers dead. It lands, and Chase hops out to help Jack get in. In the chopper, Tony tells Jack that they know where Max is, and that he has Kate Warner.

On his boat, Max watches the chopper approach, and tells one of his henchmen to head out. The henchman asks about Kate, and Max says he will take care of her. Back on the chopper, Tony fills Jack in on more information on Max: he is a German arms dealer with ties to the Middle East, and after the US government found out about his ties to terrorists all his deals with them fell through. Angered, they forced Max to watch his children be executed. Chase deduced that is why Max was targeting the US. Tony said he will try and land on the boat that is fast approaching, but Jack tells him to just get close enough for him to jump onto it.

Tony maneuvers the chopper around the ship as Jack mans the helicopter's gun, taking out all of Max's men.