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Dr. Talia Gerwehr was a mathematician and CTU consultant at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California, specializing in the field of chaos theory.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Gerwehr received her doctorate in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she became captain of the debate team. She was a member of Mensa, and a published poet, with works in the Hudson Review and the Atlantic Monthly.

After graduation, Gerwehr originally planned to teach, but a chance of fate introduced her to the RAND Corporation, a non-profit government think tank. There, she first learned about the anarchist and international terrorist Zapata, who had evaded the best efforts of the world's top intelligence agencies to capture him. Gerwehr focused her studies on finding some pattern to Zapata's activities, applying the principles of chaos theory, her area of expertise. To that end, she became a consultant to the Counter Terrorist Unit, working with District Director Ryan Chappelle to formulate an undercover operation to apprehend the anarchist.

Agent Jack Bauer was led to Gerwehr after escaping from the Federal Holding Facility and obtaining her name from Chappelle. On the run from the authorities, Jack broke into Gerwehr's house in Beverly Glen, in search of a lead on Zapata. Gerwehr, who had been told about Bauer by Chappelle but had not expected to meet him, shared with him what she knew about Zapata's past activities and her own role in the mission. She agreed to go with him to her office to run a search on the tattoo that Jack had seen on Francis Aguillar, one of Zapata's associates he had killed earlier in the morning.

At the RAND Corporation, Gerwehr used the company's access to federal databases to pull up a similar tattoo from an MS-13 member in Baltimore, confirming that Zapata had some connection with the street gang. As she was looking up the address of the local MS-13 kingpin, U.S. Deputy Marshal Dan Pascal burst into the office in pursuit of Jack Bauer. After a vicious fight, Jack incapacitated the marshal, then deadpanned to a stunned Gerwehr that he needed the address as soon as possible.

When Pascal awoke, he briefly questioned Gerwehr, but she refused to divulge anything about her work, as it was classified due to national security purposes. (Chaos Theory)

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