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The Taliban were a terrorist organization based in Afghanistan. It contained several extremists imams who forbade music. They used the heroin trade as a major funding device. (Trinity, Head Shot)

Taj Ali Kahlil and Omar Bayat became leading proponents of terrorism in Afghanistan after the rise of the Taliban. (Operation Hell Gate)

Nazila Rafizadeh explained to Jack Bauer that Ramin had no connection to the Taliban, and was not a terrorist. (Veto Power)

In Said al Kabbibi's file, it stated that he associated with the Taliban as well as the PLO and the Republican Guard in Iraq. (Collateral Damage)

Gary Khalid planned to escape the U.S. to Afghanistan and the Muslim community they were building. (Trinity)

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda were hiding in the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. (Head Shot)

During Day 2, the NSA discovered evidence of Taliban armored vehicles in Kandahar. Roger Stanton presented the evidence to Ambassador Shareef to illustrate Afghanistan's lack of a crackdown on terrorists. ("Day 2: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

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