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Summary of unresolved archive issues

Archiving the talk page again (and probably for good). The page is way to long for people to chime in so I'd like to summarize key info and open up for discussion. Kudos to Blue Rook for the format which I will shamelessly copy. Credits go to contributors including Acer4666, BattleshipMan, Blue Rook, Gunman6, OneWeirdDude, Station 7, SuperbowserX, Thief12, myself and others. Here are the topics I'd like to review:

  1. + ? Downey Holding Facility shootout in 3x05:
  2. + ? Saunders henchmen shootout in 3x22:
  3. - 1 Richard Heller residence shootout in 4x01:
  4. + ? Suvarov motorcade attack in 5x10:
  5. + 1 Fayed apartment terrorist in 6x08:
  6. + 1 White House shootout in 7x12:
  7. + 7 Tundel House perimeter shootout in 9x09:
  8. + 1 Shootout with Russian operatives in 9x11:
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