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Tech 3 was a large, secure server room inside of CTU Los Angeles. The entrance was barred, and there were server systems running along the back wall.

Day 1 Edit

After her cover had been blown, Nina Myers ran to Tech 3 and opened up a secret vault in the wall that had a laptop computer in. She began to erase files that would indicate her whereabouts when Teri Bauer walked in. Nina tied Teri up and shot her, and several moments later Jack found her, and wept over her body.

Day 2 Edit

Chris Jones, one of Eddie Grant's militiamen, planted a bomb in Tech 3 behind the same wall panel that Nina used for storage.

Day 3 Edit

After escaping from medical, Nina ran to Tech 3 to hide from encroaching agents. Kim Bauer followed her there, and prepared to shoot her. However, when Nina confronted her she was unable to go through with the act. Nina was on the verge of murdering Kim when Jack arrived in the room and shot Nina first. He told Kim to leave the room, and, realizing that Nina knew nothing more about the current day's threat, he shot her as she reached for a nearby firearm. This was the same room where Nina had murdered Jack's wife several years prior.


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