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Theodore "Ted" Cofell was the CEO of Cofell Enterprises, an investment firm in Burbank at 21500 Riverside Drive. He was a secret financial supporter of Andre Drazen and his mercenary crew with ties to Kevin Carroll.

Before Day 1

He was born in Philadelphia and went to Colgate. He was the oldest of three children and went to college at age 16. In 1988 he earned his MBA from UCLA. He worked in investment banking and about five years prior to Day 1 he started his own banking firm. His net worth is more than $35 million. He had ties to Belgrade.

Day 1

Jack Bauer found some suspicious monetary transactions involving Cofell and traded spaces with Cofell's limousine driver Mark in order to kidnap him during Day 1.

After attempting to fool Cofell's assistant, Tracy, into thinking that he was an old friend of Cofell's, Jack kidnapped him and attempted to interrogate him, using information he gathered from Nina Myers. Cofell wouldn't break, and Jack threatened him with a towel, saying he would force it down his throat if he had to. Cofell claimed to not know anything, but gave the name Kevin Carroll to Jack when he was asked who he was meeting at a parking at the corner of Willough and Willingham.

After arriving there, Jack moved to the back seat of the bullet-proof limosine. At this moment, Cofell pulled a Microtech H.A.L.O. II knife out of the seat cushions, but Jack avoided the stabbing. Cofell then started to curse in Serbian and Jack grabbed his throat, screaming questions at him. He told Jack that he would pay, dropping his American English accent, and then Jack punched him in the heart.

Cofell began to choke and Jack tried to force feed Cofell his heart medication, but Cofell spit it out and died. Jack propped Cofell up in the back seat in order to deceive Kevin Carroll upon Kevin's arrival.

Memorable quotes

  • Ted Cofell: For God sake's, I'm just a business man.
  • Jack Bauer: That's right, an ordinary businessman riding around in a bulletproof limousine.
  • Ted Cofell: Yes, for protection.
  • Jack Bauer: From what?
  • Ted Cofell: People like you. (Day 1 10:00am-11:00am)

Background information and notes

  • Ted Cofell may have been named after production assistant Anne Cofell.


Day 1

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