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Ted Hovis was the ranking Secret Service agent in the White House during Day 7.

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When President Taylor stated that she wanted to go to West Arlington Hospital to visit her injured husband, she agreed to have Agent Hovis turn over some security protocols to Bill Buchanan for her protection. Bill warned her that, from his personal experience with Ted, he would resist. The President insisted, though, and said she would overrule any of Ted's protests. She expressed disappointment that some of Ted's agents were responsible for her husband's condition in the first place.

Agent Hovis and his subordinates engaged in a shootout with the soldiers of General Benjamin Juma who invaded the White House, and pulled his men back when Juma threatened to execute the President. He later informed the Vice President and Larry Moss about his decision, even though he hadn't been given proof that Taylor was actually one of his hostages.

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Preceded by:
Benjamin Perch
Director of White House Secret Service Operations Succeeded by:
Bill Buchanan
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