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This project content is no longer in use.
Though the material is inactive, this page has been retained
to preserve page histories and for historical reference and interest.

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The House Special Subcommittee's Findings at CTU


To use this template in an article, use the following syntax:

{{appearances1 | EPISODE=yes | EPISODE=note | EPISODE=yes}}
  • To indicate that a character or place was in an episode, use yes.
    • Please note: We do not include instances where characters appear (or are heard) only in pre-recorded footage in any appearances template. The longstanding consensus in this project is to include only live visual and audio appearances, regardless of the episode credits for the actors.
  • To indicate that a character or place was in an episode and add a note, use note. Then type your brief note about that appearance directly below the template. This is most often used to indicate when a character appeared as a corpse only, or when the character was not seen but heard in live audio (not pre-recorded audio, see above).
  • Episode titles are simplified as much as possible.
    • e.g. 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. is represented as 11p-12a
  • Episode titles do not need to be entered in any particular order.
    • e.g. {{appearances1 | 7p-8p=yes | 8p-9p=yes}}
    • is the same as {{appearances1 | 8p-9p=yes | 7p-8p=yes}}
  • No spaces are necessary, but can be included for readability.

Example: Alan York

===Day 1===
{{appearances1 | 4a-5a=note | 5a-6a=note}}
* York's appearances are only as a corpse.

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