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Day 3

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Number Victim(s) Killer(s) Time of death Cause of death
1 Douglas Shaye Ramon Salazar 1:07pm Throat slit
2 Parker's accomplice Chase Edmunds 2:44pm Shot
3 Luis Annicon Jeff Benson 3:22pm Choked
4 Prison guard Peel 5:09pm Shot
5 Prison guard Peel 5:21pm Shot
6 Buchanan Buchanan 5:24pm Shot
7 Peel Jack Bauer 5:38pm Shot
unknown Prisoners SWAT officers 5:34pm Shot
8-9 Salazar's henchmen CTU agents 5:58pm Shot
10 David Gomez CTU agents 5:58pm Shot
11 Pedro Jack Bauer 7:24pm Neck broken
12 Ted Packard Ted Packard 8:25pm Shot self
13 Rafael Gutierrez Salazar's henchmen 8:46pm Shot
14 Eduardo Chase Edmunds 10:34pm Stabbed
15-16 Salazar's henchmen Chase Edmunds 10:34pm Shot
17 Claudia Hernandez Salazar's henchmen 10:36pm Shot
18-20 Nina Myers' guards Jack Bauer 10:46pm Shot
21 Cale Nina Myers 10:55pm Shot
22 Hector Salazar Ramon Salazar 12:01am Shot
23 Salazar thug Chase Edmunds 12:46am Shot
24 Salazar thug Jack Bauer 12:46am Stabbed
25 Luis Chase Edmunds 12:46am Shot
26-27 Salazar thugs Jack Bauer 12:46am Stabbed
28-29 Salazar thugs Delta Team in helicopter 12:46am Explosion
30-31 Salazar thugs Delta Team on ground 12:46am Shot
32-33 Salazar thugs Delta Team in helicopter 12:46am Explosion
34 Ramon Salazar Michael Amador 12:56am Explosion
35 Reiss Amador's men 12:58am Shot
36-39 Delta Team Amador's men 12:58am Shot
40 Delta Team member Nina Myers 1:03am Throat slit
44 Alan Milliken Sherry Palmer/Julia Milliken 1:49am Heart attack
42-43 CTU agents (2) Nina Myers 2:57am Throat slit
44-45 CTU doctors (2) Nina Myers 2:57am Stabbed
46 CTU security guard Nina Myers 2:57am Stabbed
47 Nina Myers Jack Bauer 2:59am Shot
48 Jim Wong Michael Amador 3:35am Shot
49 Amador's guard Jack Bauer 3:35am Shot
50 Penzo Marcus Alvers 3:54am Shot
51 Michael Amador Stephen Saunders 4:54am Explosion
52 Dorman Stephen Saunders 4:54am Explosion
53 Danny Michelle Dessler 4:58am Shot
54 Marcus Alvers Marcus Alvers/Michelle Dessler 5:11am-? Cordilla virus/
55 Diana White Saunders' men 5:45am Shot
56 Trevor Tomlinson Saunders' men 5:45am Shot
57-59 MI6 staff Saunders' men 5:45am Shot
60 Saunders' henchman MI6 security guard 5:46am Shot
61 MI6 security guard Saunders' henchman 5:46am Shot
62 Pach Jack Bauer 5:47am Shot
63 Young Jack Bauer 5:47am Shot
64 Gael Ortega Marcus Alvers 5:50am Cordilla virus
65 Saunders' henchman CTU agent 6:44am Shot
66 Saunders' henchman Tom Baker 6:44am Shot
67 Saunders' henchman Chase Edmunds 6:44am Shot
68 Saunders' henchman Graves or Martinez 6:46am Neck broken
69 Saunders' henchman Chase Edmunds 6:46am Shot
70-868 Guests in the Chandler Plaza Hotel
including Craig Phillips and William Cole
Marcus Alvers 6:53am-? Cordilla virus/
Suicide capsule
869 Ryan Chappelle Jack Bauer 6:59am Shoot
870 Lennox Kim Bauer 7:59am Shot
871 Osterlind Stephen Saunders 8:33am Shot
872 Frederick Tony Almeida 10:57am Shot
873 Saunders' thug CTU field agent 10:57am Shot
874-875 Saunders' thugs CTU field agents 10:58am Shot
876-879 Saunders' thugs Marine pilots 10:58am Explosion
880 Ian CTU sniper 11:25am Shot
881 Denver courier CTU agents 11:35am Shot
882 Sherry Palmer Julia Milliken 11:58am Shot
883 Julia Milliken Julia Milliken 11:59am Shot self
884 Stephen Saunders Theresa Ortega 12:09pm Shot
885-886 LAPD officers (2) Arthur Rabens 12:21pm Stabbed
887 Frank Cassar Arthur Rabens 12:21pm Stabbed
888 Arthur Rabens Jack Bauer 12:40pm Shot
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