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You may be looking for her grandmother, Teri Bauer.

Teri Wesley was the daughter of Kim Bauer and her husband Stephen, and granddaughter of Jack Bauer. She had a younger brother, several years her junior.

Day 7[]

Teri on Day 7

Teri was raised by her parents in Los Angeles. When Kim called Stephen to tell him about her meeting with her father, Jack Bauer, Stephen asked if she told Jack about the baby Teri. Kim chose to keep this a secret from her father as she didn't want to burden him with knowing he had a granddaughter before his death. Teri was awake in her crib during the call.

Day 8[]

Teri was in New York City, being babysat by her grandfather Jack. They had been to the zoo earlier in the day, and Jack was watching her until she was picked up by her parents around 4:10pm She later accompanied them to pick up Jack at CTU New York, where she showed Jack a picture she had drawn of their family. She complained when told that Jack would not be coming with them to Los Angeles.

After Day 8[]

Teri became an older sister, when her mother Kim gave birth to a boy.

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