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Terrorism is an act by a group of people to results in large citizen casualties.

Terrorist Cells

Terrorist cells, like Second Wave, is band of terrorists that operate together.

Sleeper cells

A sleeper cell is a terrorist cell that is hidden in the United States, or other country, that stays quiet until activated.

Acts of Terrorism

Day One

During Day 1, Senator David Palmer was almost killed on several occasions, with the assassins being stopped by CTU. Senator Palmer was visiting LA on the day of the California Presidential Primary and was a target for assassination by a terrorist group.

Day Two

A nuclear weapon was almost detonated inside Los Angeles during Day Two. The bomb was disposed of in the Mojave Desert outside the city of Los Angeles shortly before it detonated. Had the original plan succeeded, the devestation in the city would have been incomprehensible.

Day Three

The events of Day 3 involved several vials of a deadly virus being released in the city. The remaining vials were found; however, hundreds of people were killed when the virus was released in several locations.

Day Four

The events of Day 4 included the derailing of a commuter train, the kidnapping of the Secretary of Defense inside Los Angeles, the detonation of an EMP device in the city and a missile strike on Air Force One.

Day Five

The events of Day 5 have included the assassination of former President David Palmer, the hostage takeover of Ontario Airport, the theft of Sentox nerve gas and its subsequent release in a shopping mall, the threatened release in an area hospital, and the successful release of the gas in CTU headquarters, resulting in the deaths of 40% of CTU personnel.

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