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Terry Diab (born February 11, 1955; age 65) played an unnamed Member of Parliament in 24: Live Another Day.

Biography and career Edit

Terry Diab was born in Mumbai, India. Her father was a film producer and her mother was an actress. Because of her parents busy schedules, Diab was mostly raised by her grandfather in New York City.

Through her career, Diab has appeared in TV shows like Only When I Laugh, The Bill, and Emmerdale. She has also appeared in films like The Holiday, Race, Alleycats, Age of Kill, and The Forest.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • The Forest (2016)
  • Age of Kill (2015)
  • Race (2007)
  • The Holiday (2006)
  • Foreign Body (1986)

Television appearances

  • Emmerdale (2013)
  • The Bill (1991)
  • Only When I Laugh (1982)

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