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Tetradiozene was a non-lethal chemical classified as a neuroparalyzer, or a chemical that stops the central nervous system. It paralyzes not only limbs, but vocal chords as well.

Day 7 Edit

First Gentleman Henry Taylor was working with Secret Service Agent Brian Gedge to ascertain the true cause of the death of his son, Roger Taylor. Upon arriving at the apartment of Roger's ex-girlfriend, Samantha Roth, he was seen drinking from a coffee cup which contained tetradiozene. He collapsed to the floor, unable to move or speak, but remained fully conscious throughout the ordeal. Gedge propped Taylor up in a chair, and Taylor was only a few feet away from Samantha when Gedge murdered her: Taylor was barely able to shift his head, and his face was unable to express any emotions to warn her. The first body parts which Taylor was able to regain control were his hands as the Tetradiozene wore off.

Background information and notes Edit

  • As with hyoscine-pentothal (a choice neuroinflammatory agent used often in the series) and ammonium dysterate, tetradiozene is a fictional chemical compound.
  • As Gedge was taken by complete surprise when Taylor fought him, it is possible that Taylor recovered more quickly than the average person following an administration of the dosage he received.
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