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The Crankcase was a strip club owned by the Night Rangers Motorcycle Club. The club was run by Sammy, and he and the other bikers used the building for prostitution and human trafficking.

Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds infiltrated the club in hopes of rescuing Laurel Tenn's friend, Trish, and all the other civilians kidnapped by the bikers. After Sammy met the two men on the ground floor, he led the two of them to his office so they could discuss how the club's been running, along with some of Rydell's other illegal activities. When Jack and Chase asked too many questions, Sammy tried to alert Rydell, only for Jack to attack first. After Sammy was killed, Jack set his office on fire, and the flames gradually spread around the building. As the building caught on fire, Jack and Chase took out more of the bikers while Laurel Tenn rescued most of the civilians. As Jack, Chase, and Laurel drove away with the civilians in tow, the Crankcase subsequently burned to the ground. (Deadline)

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