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The Dears are a Canadian indie rock band whose song "Autotomy" was featured in "Day 1: 2:00am-3:00am" when Bridgit convinces Mandy to go along with her plan, and in the next scene when Kim and Janet escape from Rick and Dan.

The Dears were formed in 1995 by Murray Lightburn, Richard MacDonald, Andrew White and John Tod. In 1998 the line-up changed, with Natalia Yanchak joining as another vocalist. The band is currently made up of Lightburn and Yanchak, who married in 2005, and drummer Jeff Luciani. The track "Autotomy" was featured on their 2001 EP Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique.

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  • Times Infinity Volume Two (2017)
  • Times Infinity Volume One (2015)
  • Degeneration Street (2011)
  • iTunes Live from Montreal (2009)
  • Missiles (2008)
  • Gang of Losers (2006)
  • No Cities Left (2003)
  • Protest (2002)
  • Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique (2001)
  • End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story (2000)

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