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The Fearless Freep were a Montreal-based indie rock band whose song, "It's All Good", was featured in "Day 1: 12:00am-1:00am" when Jack and Kim are playing chess at the Bauer house.

Founded by singer Robert John Stephens and drummer George Agetees, and named after a character in Bugs Bunny, they recorded their debut album No Less Sordid in 1997 in their own studio. After this album Agetees left, but Stephens recruited some friends to record their second album and fall is how you sleep, which featured "It's All Good" as the opening track. Their third album, Go Cry, was released in 2003. All of their albums were released by Mag Wheel Records.

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  • Go Cry (2003)
  • and fall is how you sleep (2001)
  • No Less Sordid (1997)
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