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With nothing left to lose, Jack takes on Max in an epic conclusion.

Summary Edit

Jack begins to climb out of the helicopter as Tony hovers it above the yacht. Chase covers him as he lands on the hull. He heads into the main compartment of the ship and takes out several heavily armed men there. They shoot persistently at him, but Jack manages to take them out. He goes down to the lower level and after passing several corners encounters more enemies who he kills with ease.

Jack finds an armory on the ship and picks up an M4 Carbine which he uses when he encounters more of Max's men. He leaves the inner compartment and is taken back outside by the sweeping corridor which leads to a lower level. Jack takes out three more men and heads further into the ship. He finds a bulletproof vest and wears it to surpass more of Max's men.

He finds a route back outside and hears Kate Warner cry. He realizes she is being held hostage by Max and tries to run after her. However, a battalion of terrorists try to block the way. The combined efforts of Jack on the yacht and Tony and Chase shooting from the chopper enables Jack to pass all the men and reach Max and Kate. Jack just manages to shoot Max in the stomach, avoiding Kate, and keeping her safe.

Kate runs up to Jack and embraces him, while Jack keeps his gun on Max, wincing in pain. He collapses to the floor, and Jack asks Kate if she is alright. She says yes, but sees Max raising his arm, preparing to shoot one last time. She shouts and Jack throws her out of the way. Max shoots a bullet into Jack's stomach, and Jack shoots two more at him, penetrating his bulletproof vest at such a close range, finally killing him. Kate runs up to Jack, collapsed on the floor, and tries to tend to him. He says he will be fine and bats her away, standing up.

Split screen: Jack hobbles around the hull of the yacht. Michelle Dessler, Ryan Chappelle and Adam Kaufman look up at a video feed of the yacht. Tony and Chase bring the chopper in for a landing. Max's dead corpse.

The chopper lands and Chase jumps out and runs to Jack. He catches him just as he falls, and tells Jack that they will get him to a hospital. Jack insists that it is not that bad, but Chase tells Tony that they need to go to a hospital now. Chase and Jack get on the chopper and the pilot takes them away. Tony and Kate stay on the yacht, waiting for other assistance. On the chopper, Jack looks back and sees Tony and Kate, then looks at the ocean, happy that the threat is finally resolved.


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