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The Hub was a night club located just east of downtown Los Angeles that Habib Marwan used as one of his bases of operations during Day 4.

Day 4 Edit

The hub 2

Jack sees the exploded tunnel

Shortly before 1am, Habib Marwan escaped to The Hub where he recorded a tape to be leaked to the media in which he explained the meaning of the days attacks, including the nuclear warhead attack that was planned to happen before the end of the day. The location was revealed by Joe Prado, a man working for Marwan who was tortured by Jack Bauer.

Bauer, Lee Castle, and a CTU field team set up a perimeter around The Hub. Unexpectedly, Secret Service agents Greg Merfield and Frank Wells arrived and interfered with CTU's operation. Castle then inadvertently broke his cover, and was spotted from a window in the nightclub by one of Marwan's sentries. Jack knew that the terrorists were alerted, but when the team rushed in to apprehend Marwan, Marwan and his cell quickly escaped from the nightclub using underground tunnels and an explosive to seal off their route. Marwan's subordinate Hikmat Palpatine was killed during the raid and dropped the tape recording, allowing CTU to analyze it shortly after.


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