Wiki 24

Tony Almeida meets with a contact who has some disturbing information.


Chase checks Joseph Sin-Chung's dead body. He hears a beeping on Sin-Chung's phone and picks it up. A man named Virgil tells him that the truck he wanted is ready, and that he should send a driver to 34002 West Lassen. While Chase heads off, Tony Almeida surveys his location, looking for Kathy Weis, the woman who called the meeting. She steps into the light and explains that she works for James Radford and around two months ago she found an email dumped in the server trash that showed Radford is connected to terrorists. She gives him her keycard to prove it, but as she does the two hear the sound of an approaching chopper. Kathy is cut down instantly by a shooter on the chopper and Tony dives for cover.

The chopper shoots endlessly at Tony. Eventually it breaks off, giving Tony an opportunity to sprint through the Pier and find more cover. He eventually does, and gets inside a building. The chopper drops off several men who try to kill Tony, but he manages to take them out and steal their high powered assault rifles. He uses them to begin shooting at the chopper. He manages to take it down, but it still retains its functions and just retreats. It drops off more people who swarm towards Tony but he takes them all out.

He heads further down the pier and the chopper drops off even more people. Now the chopper is almost completely destroyed, so it flies away. Tony kills the final few men and gets back to his car.