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In Yemen, a squad of U.S. Army Rangers led by Sergeant Eric Carter carry out a dangerous mission to capture terrorist leader Ibrahim Bin-Khalid.


The Raid takes place approximately two years and six months after Day 9, and about twenty-one years after Day 1. Eric Carter's service record, visible in "Day 10: 4:00pm-5:00pm", places the mission in October 2016.


The following takes place
between 2:54 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.
Mission Target: Ibrahim Bin-Khalid

The Army Rangers

Two helicopters fly low over the desert. Aboard the lead chopper, nine U.S. Army Rangers prepare for deployment. One of them, Ben Grimes, collects their dog tags, then asks his fellow squad leader Eric Carter his thoughts on their objective. Grimes can't understand why they have been sent to capture Bin-Khalid rather than simply killing him in a missile strike, and insists that they haven't been told the whole story. Hearing Grimes' complaints, the mission director Rebecca Ingram asks if there is a problem; Carter reassures her they are ready. With less than a minute before landing, Carter hands a tablet to one of the gunners, Stewart, and says to deliver it to his wife, Nicole, if something should happen to him.

The chopper lands and seven of the Rangers exit, leaving two behind in the vehicle. The seven men proceed through an abandoned village street, soon arriving at the northeast gate of Bin-Khalid's compound. Carter orders Philman to breach the door, then Grimes follows him into the alleyway. The remaining five follow, but the lead man is unexpectedly cut down by enemy gunfire. Carter orders one of them to get the injured man back to the helicopter, while the rest of them rush into the square.

Breaching the gate

Carter, Grimes, Philman, and the other two Rangers exchange fire with Bin-Khalid's men, who are firing from the buildings all around them. Carter and another man make their way to a truck, taking cover while Grimes and his men make for a building on the far end. With Carter providing cover fire, Grimes and Philman manage to eliminate the guards and make their way into the building.

The aftermath of an explosion

Grimes radios to Ingram that he believes he spotted Bin-Khalid fleeing from him down a corridor. At the command tent, Ingram pulls the imagery from Grimes' gun camera and runs facial recognition to verify that is in fact their target. She confirms a positive ID and orders Grimes to take Bin-Khalid alive, right before his communications cuts out. Frantic, Ingram tries to reestablish contact, but momentarily Carter contacts her to report that Bin-Khalid appears to have been killed in an explosion. She tells him to take DNA swabs of the remains and collect whatever evidence they can before exfiltrating.

At the landing zone, the two gunners stand ready as a large group of fighters appear close to the helicopter. Ingram warns the team inside about the hostiles and orders them to withdraw from the compound immediately. Picking through the body parts strewn about, the Rangers gather what is left from the blast.

An RPG tears through the choppper

The five make it back to the chopper, and scramble onboard just as one of the terrorists shoots a rocket-propelled grenade straight through the cockpit, barely missing Carter. He gives the signal to lift off, while his teammates return fire.

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Stars Corey Hawkins and Charlie Hofheimer with showrunner Howard Gordon and director Henry-Alex Rubin at the premiere

  • The Raid, a prequel to 24: Legacy, was produced by Fox in partnership with Samsung and Here Be Dragons, and released as a virtual reality experience for use with the Samsung Gear VR headset. It was also made available on Samsung's website as a 360-degree video, allowing the viewer to rotate the camera in all directions during playback. The short was first announced at the 2016 Television Critics' Association summer press tour.
  • The Raid debuted on January 9, 2017 at a 24: Legacy screening at Samsung 837 in New York City, and was released online the same day.
  • Filming of The Raid took place in August 2016. The compound sequence was filmed at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in Santa Clarita, while interiors were shot at Line 204 Studio in Hollywood, CA.
  • The rocket firing at the end is one of the only uses of overt and deliberate slow-motion in 24 (which was previously avoided due to the real time nature of the show).


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