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The Residences was the apartment complex where Samantha Roth lived during Day 7, located at 404 Wilkinson Drive.

Day 7 Edit


Taylor arrives at Roth's apartment

During Day 7, Samantha Roth met with Henry Taylor and gave him a flash drive with evidence regarding his son's findings on her mother's administration conspiracy. When he told this to Secret Service agent Brian Gedge, he told Taylor he knew of a friend that could decrypt the files in the drive. Gedge then drove Taylor to Roth's apartment where they arrived at around 12:41pm. Taylor didn't know that Gedge had drugged his beverage with a paralyzing drug called Tetradiozene. When they arrived and Taylor noticed it was Roth's apartment, the drug started making effect and he collapsed as Gedge confessed to the murder of Roger. Gedge then dragged the paralyzed Taylor to the sofa and waited for Roth to arrive.

Gedge's accomplice, Agent Edward Vossler, drove Samantha Roth to her apartment under an alleged threat to her life. After arriving at the apartment, she went upstairs to pick some clothes as Vossler waited in the car. When she came in and found Taylor there, she was shocked. Gedge, however, surprised her and stabbed her in the back with a kitchen knife. When she fell, Gedge turned her around and stabbed her in the chest letting her die in the floor of the apartment. Gedge then started staging a fake murder/suicide scene planting Taylor's fingerprints in the knife, and preparing to hang him from a second floor railing. As he dragged Taylor, the effects of the paralyzing drug started to disappear and Taylor struggled with Gedge with both falling off the railing and into the table below. After falling, Taylor finished strangling Gedge full of anger.

When Vossler noticed that Gedge was taking too much time, he decided to went up to check him out and found Taylor regaining movement. As Taylor tried to escape, Vossler pointed a gun at him and planted to kill him, but Taylor convinced him otherwise because their plan was already ruined. Vossler contacted Iké Dubaku who told him to take Taylor out of the apartment and into one of his hideouts.

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