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The Rookie is a series of 24-related webisodes made between 2007 and 2008, released over the Internet. The series was given the subtitle "Whatever the risk, he won't let you down". The main character is Jason Blaine, a new CTU agent. Degree Men is the sponsor for the web series.

Day 1 and Day 2 of The Rookie were included on the re-released special edition DVD of Season 1. Day 3 has yet to have a DVD release, and since The Rookie website was taken down, there is no official way to view the episodes.



The series was made close to the style of 24, in that it used many of the same devices that made 24 what it is. For example, at the beginning of each "Day" there is a voiceover of Jason Blaine telling the viewer what time the series takes place between. Also, at the beginning of each episode, there is a "Previously on the Rookie" section, again with a voice over by Jason Blaine. The split screen style was incorporated into the episodes often (at least once) to show phone conversations as well as to wrap up each episode.

However, the episodes do not all take place in real time which is a step away from the show. Also, each episode does not cover one hour, but a different period of time each episode.


The timeline of the Rookie has never been established in relation to 24. However, several hints have been made to when it could be.

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Picture Day # of Episodes Premiered
Rookie01x07.jpg Day 1: Coffee Run 3 January 14, 2007
Jason Blaine, a rookie agent working for the Counter Terrorist Unit of Los Angeles, was asked to fetch coffee for the CTU staff during a briefing. Whilst in the streets of Los Angeles he saw a group of men prepare for a bank robbery, and decided to stop them.
RookieJasonCar.jpg Day 2: Mistaken Identity 3 March 26, 2007
Jason Blaine, yearning for more field experience, agreed to take a PDA out in the deserts of Los Angeles to his boss and Deputy Director of CTU Los Angeles Alton Maxwell. Whilst travelling he received a call intended for his boss, informing him of a terrorist threat. He was forced to neutralise the threat.
RookieDay3x01a.jpg Day 3: Extraction 6 March 17, 2008
After moving from CTU to the FBI, Jason Blaine accompanied his boss Alton Maxwell to Mexico City to meet a contact in the hopes of bring down drug kingpin Esteban Salazar. When Alton is kidnapped, Jason has to find and save Alton, as well as bringing down the criminal.

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