Wiki 24

Tony Almeida is alerted of the kidnapping of Governor Radford and is sent to the scene.


Michelle Dessler calls Tony Almeida redirects him to a Leichty Plaza to help the already overly-stretched Emergency Services. He says that he is almost there, and Michelle says that she just received a notice from LAPD. Tony understands, and tells her that he will call her back. On a roof Chase Edmunds and Peter Madsen, with Kate Warner hostage, prepare to get on the chopper. Madsen tells Chase to wait back and kill Jack, then he will tell him where to go. Chase agrees and Madsen runs off. Jack bursts onto the roof and Chase says that there was no way he could save Kate. Jack says that he did the right thing, they need to use Chase's cover to get the harddrive back. Chase explains his orders to Jack as Madsen takes off in the helicopter. Chase calls him and lies that he has killed Jack. Madsen tells Chase to go to 62837 West Vista Road. Chase and Jack head out.

Meanwhile Tony arrives at Leichty Plaza and sees a Secret Service agent. He looks injured and is propped against a burning car. Tony explains that he is with CTU, and asks what happened. The man says that they took the Governor of California, James Radford. He points to a building where they went and Tony sets off.

Michelle calls him and explains that terrorists are keeping Radford hostage, and a film crew from KCRD News is doing live coverage of the situation. Tony says that is the last thing they need, and Michelle warns him to be careful if he is being filmed. He hangs up and goes around several corners, finding some hostiles. He takes them out, and the news crew begin to report on Tony's presence there. He passes through an open roofed area and the helicoptered film crew catches him on camera. He passes through into another room and the news reports that he can no longer he seen. Donning a shotgun, Tony takes out several more guards.

He passes over a raised section and, with the help of several police officers, takes out more guards. He passes into the Nexis Nightclub and away for the ever-pursuing news cameras.