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Theo Oswald was the president of Conserv-Reaction, a company that made an oil-eating bacteria for use in cleaning up oil spills. He had no known connections to eco-terrorism groups prior to meeting Chuck Fitzsimmons and Kristen Doehring; however, more than two years before the events of Midnight Sun, Conserv-Reaction donated to mainstream environmental causes, including G-PACE.

Midnight Sun[]

Around 5:15pm, Oswald met with Chuck and Kristen. Suspecting that someone might be listening in, he jammed Chase Edmunds' listening device. Chase followed him back to his office and staked out the office, but no one came to meet Oswald there.

Once Oswald left, Mike Robinson sent in a CTU reconnaissance team to investigate. The team copied Oswald's entire personal database and something in the hardcopy personnel files. Once Jack Bauer was underway for his final mission with Morningside Dawn, Robinson had Oswald taken into custody. According one of the Air Force officers who arrested Kristen Doehring, Oswald "cried like a girl and started talking right away" as soon as he was arrested.

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