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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Theodore Cofell was a deceased infant from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cofell's identity was stolen and used by Soviet spy Borvo Sobrinna, who presented himself as "Ted Cofell," an upstanding businessman, while operating as a mole inside the American financial community.

Theodore was born at Philadelphia Children's Hospital. He was the only child of single mother Tabitha Cofell, aged 24. Before his second birthday, he died of natural causes. His mother overdosed on drugs six months later in an apparent suicide.

The background of the real Theodore was uncovered during the federal investigation into the Drazen syndicate's vendetta against Senator David Palmer. All of the other records about Theodore (that he attended Colgate University, and then University of California, Los Angeles, etc.) were either falsified documents or the actions of Borvo Sobrinna, the terrorist financier who became "Ted Cofell." (Findings at CTU)

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