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This article's subject relates to 24: Redemption.

Thomas was a young man in Sangala who supported the Okavango School during the events of 24: Redemption.


Thomas assisted a group of aid workers in handing out supplies to local Sangala boys where Jack Bauer and Carl Benton worked. He got word that General Juma was planning a coup, and was coming for the boys, so he warned U.N. worker Charles Solenz. Solenz argued with him, saying that Juma was not a serious threat without an army and weapons, but Thomas insisted that the threat was real. His young cousin had disappeared. Their dispute was broken up by Benton, who soon discovered that Thomas was correct.

Thomas later approached Jack with an urgent call from Benton, who informed Jack that a young boy, James, was dead, and Desmond (the brother of Willie) was in critical condition from a gunshot. Thomas took the boys and hid with Solenz when Juma's men, led by Youssou Dubaku, came to kidnap and brainwash them for the rebel army. When Youssou almost found their hiding spot, Thomas quickly turned off his lantern to remain concealed. They were rescued by Jack and Benton, former Special Forces servicemen, who killed the entire rebel group. When their escape route was betrayed to the enemy by Solenz, Benton drove into the woods and they decided to walk to the city, following the river path. Thomas said that Desmond wouldn't survive such a journey, so Jack told him to assist the boy along the way.

Thomas made it through the city with the group, and was the last person from Sangala who was admitted onto the final chopper which departed the American embassy with Jack, Willie, Desmond, and eleven other children.

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