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Thousand Oaks was an American city in southern California.

During the events of The Game, Jack Bauer tailed Robert Daniels to an abandoned meat packing plant in Thousand Oaks. Jack called CTU and informed Michelle Dessler of his location and that it was the headquarters of the men responsible for the attempted assassination of Vice President James Prescott. Michelle said that she would send a team in, and Jack gave her the address.

A field team led by Tom Baker arrived and an agent told Jack that there was no sign of Daniels, and that the place was deserted. Jack called Michelle and informed her of the news. As Michelle began to tell Jack about Tony Almeida bringing Lee Jin Yu in, Agent Baker approached Jack and told him that he has found something. They headed into a dark room and, as Jack turned his flashlight on, he saw a dead body hanging up. Baker said that it looked as if he has been there at least a few days. The agents noticed dogtags around the man's neck with the name: Lee Jin Yu on. Jack realized that the man Tony was bringing was an imposter. However, when he tried to contact CTU he was too late as Joseph Sin-Chung, the man pretending to be Lee, and Peter Madsen, an associate, had attacked CTU Los Angeles. (The Game)


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