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Thurlow J. Meade was a forklift operator in a riverside warehouse. During Storm Force he was 45, and just under 6 feet tall.

Before Storm Force Edit

Meade was born in New Orleans and had worked on the docks all his adult life. He and his wife left New Orleans days before Hurricane Katrina hit, avoiding the destruction it caused.

Storm Force Edit

As Meade was preparing to leave New Orleans with his wife to escape the coming threat of Hurricane Everette, his car was stolen by Martello Paz. At the Sisters of Mercy Hospital, he was interviewed by Jack Bauer and Pete Malo who discovered the identity of the car thief. They left, now having a lead on the car Paz was driving.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Thurlow Meade: If you catch up to that guy, watch out for his gun! It's a big mother!

Live appearancesEdit

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