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Tim McGinnis was a member of Moira O'Neal's faction of the Irish Republican Army. He claimed to have a perfect kill record.

Before One Shot Edit

McGinnis worked with Maggie and Megan on several jobs, including one in Ballycastle.

One Shot Edit

On orders from Michael Donovan, McGinnis and his crew drove up from Mexico to kill Moira O'Neal for her defection. They attacked the safe house and killed everyone inside, except O'Neal, Agent Solof, and Jack Bauer, who escaped in a Jeep. McGinnis, Megan, and Maggie followed them to a gas station, which Megan destroyed with the rocket launcher. Jack and O'Neal escaped on a motorcycle, and McGinnis, Maggie, and Megan pursued in a van.

After running out of fuel, Jack and O'Neal split up. Maggie and Megan followed Jack, who killed them. McGinnis captured O'Neal. Jack and McGinnis had a brief standoff, which ended with Jack using the one shot left in his gun to kill McGinnis and save O'Neal.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Tim McGinnis: Let's just hope we got 'em this time or we might just have to keep blowing things up.

Live appearancesEdit