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Tony Almeida heads across town to Lee Jin Yu's apartment.

Summary Edit

The following takes place between 11:00am and 12:00pm.

Dr. Kevin Tyson tells President David Palmer that he did well in his press conference. Palmer does not necessarily agree. Tyson says that he sounded like his old self as he began to push Palmer, still in a wheelchair after the attempt on his life, away from his desk. As Aaron Pierce observes, Tyson tells him that he is growing stronger every day, and in a matter of time he will be well. Tyson tells Palmer that he wants to help in any way he can, and Palmer thanks him. Pierce takes over pushing the wheelchair, and they head into an elevator.

At CTU, Tony Almeida calls in and tells Michelle Dessler that he has Lee Jin Yu's current address, 8025 Orion, North East Korea Town. He says that he will head over there immediately, and Michelle offers to send a team. Tony tells her that he will keep her updated, and to tell the team to meet him when they reach the address. Tony has just two minutes to reach Lee's apartment, and after commandeering a vehicle he sets off across town. He has just two minutes but makes it there in good time.


Mission targets Edit

  • Time: 02:00
  • Driver Vehicle Damage: $500
  • Pedestrians Panicked: 0

Background information and notes Edit

  • Aaron Pierce appears in a non-speaking role in this chapter.
  • Whilst in the car, several things can be seen around Tony that create the impression of a city:
    • He passes a billboard for life insurance.
    • He passes a billboard for a new album called Tip The Scales by a band called DM.
    • There are several mini-marts.
    • There is a "Discounts R Us" store.
  • If the player fails to make it to Lee Jin Yu's apartment, Michelle reports that there has been a fire there.
  • Although Michelle states that you have two minutes to get to the apartment, the player is given 2 minutes 30 seconds.

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