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With Kim held captive, Peter Madsen forces Jack to help him decrypt the CTU harddrive and orders him to go to the Los Angeles Agency Building in the North Financial region and get the information he needs.

Summary Edit

The following takes place between 3:00pm and 4:00pm.

Michelle and Tony discover the true identity of Peter Madsen's associate, Joseph Sin-Chung. He was arrested several years ago, but otherwise has kept his nose clean, or, as Tony points out, too smart to be caught.

Meanwhile Jack gets in a nearby SUV and travels to the Los Angeles branch of CTU, talking to Madsen as he goes. He asks to speak to Kim, but Madsen does not allow him to. Madsen says that Jack always played by the rules, and so does not believe that Jack will kill him, even given the chance. When Jack orders him to let him speak to Kim, Madsen says that he does not take orders from Jack anymore. He assures that she is being treated well, going so far as to sarcastically say that they are treating her so well he does not think she will leave.

Jack drives carefully making his way to the Agency Building, using his in-car navigation system.


Mission targets Edit

  • Time: 01:40
  • Driven Vehicle Damage: $5
  • Pedestrians Panicked: 0

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