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Tom Chapman was an employee of Jonas Hodges at Starkwood during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Hodges sent Greg Seaton to bring up Chapman to acquire some targets for his Python missile system. At 8:40, he told Hodges that he had narrowed their targets down to twelve locations on the eastern United States, all within 300 kilometers of "the base". Each target zone contained 10 to 15 thousand people, and with Chapman's high casualty estimate, Hodges responded that he hoped they wouldn't have to find out how many would be killed. He then sent Chapman to the personnel at tac-ops to program for those targets.

At 11:00pm, when Stokes arrived with the weapon, Chapman verified it and drove it away to a secret warehouse. Hodges periodically checked in with Chapman while he worked to arm the weapons, urging him to work more quickly given immanent government action. Chapman later encountered Tony Almeida, without recognizing him, in one of the elevators and they spoke briefly; Chapman did not know that Tony was an intruder since he was wearing the uniform of a Starkwood mercenary.

Chapman continued his work unimpeded by Tony's infiltration, and transferred the chemical canisters to several Python missiles Starkwood had seized before during a mission to Pakistan. While he did so, Hodges successfully headed off President Taylor's airstrike by threatening her with using the missiles on several US eastern coast cities.

In a control room overlooking the docked missiles, Chapman oversaw their preparation. He received an alert several minutes later after they discovered Tony's presence. He ordered a technician to launch the missiles, but the man refused, demanding to talk to Hodges. Chapman shouted that these weren't their orders. He pushed the technician out of the way and initiated the launch himself. Meanwhile, Tony detonated the explosives under the hatch, destroy the missiles and vaporizing all traces of the bio-weapon.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Because of the size of the explosion and its close proximity to the control room, it is likely (but unconfirmed) that Chapman was killed in the inferno.

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